Mountain accommodation

Glacial lakes mountains forests peat bogs forest and beautiful nature?  All this is waiting for you in Šumava.  is very popular.  Therefore sometimes it may be difficult to get some good and nice.

We will be happy to help you with the choice of accommodation Hory.  We have been offering accommodation in various kennels of the Czech Republic and Slovakia for almost 10 years.  During that time we have learned what our clients want what they desire and what is not in their interest.  That is why we offer only quality mountain accommodation that everyone will enjoy.  Of course there is also a wide selection of accommodation categories to find their own.
For students and lovers of luxury

Accommodation Mountain with us is affordable for all categories.  This means that both poor students and those who desire luxury will find accommodation and will be happy to pay for it.

Great door offer

There's a door and a door.  Here you will find a beautiful selection of all kinds of doors from various manufacturers and suppliers.  We have above all but also doors of other high quality materials.  The wooden doors are then either solid or plywood.  So get our unique and hilarious interior doors for great prices and also become our regular and regular customer and you won't regret it.  On the contrary we recommend our interior doors to your friends and family members.  Buy only quality made by experts.
Our doors are always perfectly healthy
Our interior doors are highly ecological and also healthy; they are only made of natural material ie hard or soft wood.

Impressive dining menu

Great lunch

Boxing diet Prague brings you a revolutionary and tried weight loss program and maintaining a healthy line.  The point is that our clients get boxes of ready-made meals right up to the house.
Diet on top

The success of this box diet diet in Prague lies in the regularity of meals.  Meals are nutritionally balanced prepared by nutritionists.  Boxing diet Prague consists of five daily meals from breakfast to dinner.  You don't have to worry about anything anymore.
Professional supervision

You are under professional supervision during the whole process of using the box diet Prague.  Much less nutrients and vitamins are lost with the right culinary food preparation process making the diet more nutrient-rich and nutritionally balanced.

They are really stylish doors

and plenty of furniture for your house, apartment, cottage, cottage, or office, that's what you can see with us and not just see. You can also touch everything and it can become your property. Very little is enough. We are always here for you and on the Internet even twenty-four hours a day.

Take a look at our online store, or just go straight to the stone shop, where we will do everything and make you happy. Make sure you all praise your household and only do so by buying our interior doors.
They are really stylish doors

All our furniture pieces for your home are really stylish and modern, so you can try them at home, you will see that everyone will shine with satisfaction as soon as they see these interior doors.

Tune in to our station and on the Internet

that is a lot of music a lot of fun and fun and also a lot of in-depth information through our regular news that is so often that nothing escapes you.  Listen to great Czech music or foreign music.  Everything is with us and we have not only hits but also news.
As you know if you are already a regular listener of our unique radio our entertainment offer is really great.  It is because we are already a traditional Czech radio and have already gone through many and the experience of our staff is a guarantee that Impuls radio will become something like a good friend.

A variety of events for you

We have a variety of events for you to enjoy and still have something to win.  This is Impuls radio which you have to listen to.


Ours are rewarding for your problem of getting to the right height with various repairs, cutting trees in the garden and the like. You must choose ours for all occasions and all workplaces, as it is a guarantee of quality and durability.

Aluminum ladders, steel ladders and other materials are what we offer. This also includes all the necessary service, both contact center and sales and complaint services. Ours satisfies the needs of even the most demanding subscribers. Buy ours and also satisfy your needs.

This is a super offer for you. All possible types and types we offer are what we are sure to tie you to and you will still be very happy to shop with us. Don't make a mistake and choose ladders from us.

If you want to cook buy a quality line

sometimes pose a danger – especially certain kitchen appliances when a curious child is moving around them.  We have also thought about this and are trying to design our products to be as safe as possible.

Our company strives to produce such kitchen cabinets to meet all safety requirements and requirements.  See for yourself on our website.
Kitchen cabinets and children's rooms

Every family who is expecting a family addition or already has children will certainly appreciate the beautiful children's room in addition to the practical and safe kitchen unit.  Our offer for children and their room includes not only comfortable beds but also a lot of storage space wardrobes compartments desks etc.

Windows to your liking

surely you all know their advantages certainly also such as thermal savings noise reduction from outside or easy window maintenance.  Our company DECRO BZENEC spol.  s r.o.  It has been manufacturing windows since 1995 and we are taking profiles from a German company that has been manufacturing windows since 1954.

The combination of German technology and raw materials gives our windows the best features that can make windows look good.  Minimum heat transfer to be measured in Uw W / m2K units.  The lower the Uw the better the properties.  The number of chambers in the profiles no longer plays a role.  Plastic windows are the right choice for you you too.
Warranty and service

We provide a five-year service for our plastic windows and warranty and post-warranty service.  We believe you will be satisfied with us.

PR articles

We have finally an effective and 100% quality advertising for you! they are for every entrepreneur who knows that advertising is important not only at the start of business, but also at a longer time when it is still necessary to acquire new customers and consolidate market positioning – they are just the way to be one step ahead of the competition!

PR articles are unique advertising because you can choose up to three keywords to appear in every PR article. This ensures that even more customers come to you and are truly effective and efficient. If you are successful, order more PR articles!

Our company is not your competitor, but we are here for you and we want PR articles to boost your profit!

Watch them on our site

The accommodation they offer is a good tip not only to spend a quiet family holiday but also to create great conditions for school classes on trips or for teambuilding companies.

Internet connection sitting by the fireplace heating in the sauna and swimming in the swimming pool nowadays allow its visitors both domestic and foreign.  The equipment of these accommodation facilities can be modest but according to the requirements of those interested in accommodation it can also offer a wealth of services such as luxury hotel complexes.  All you have to do is simply select a location and type and length of stay and book an exclusive location.  We offer classic weekly or weekend stays both in and out of season.  Chalets and cottages offer impressive pricing even in the desired period which is Christmas or Easter.
Great offer

Fill your desire for an attractive backdrop for your hobbies.  They are a perfect device.