There are various types of holiday homes on offer

Everyone enjoys a different holiday – somebody likes to laze by the water others prefer to get to know historical monuments and someone wants to spend their holidays actively and enjoy various sports.  Other holiday home for rent will provide your holiday.

Cottage cottage log cabin guest house apartment and their rental is the area of ​​activity of our company for many years.  We check all offered objects and approach each of our clients individually and try to make his choice as easy as possible.  With us you can be sure of attractive prices and you can also take advantage of the current offers of "last minute".
Cottage cottage for all

In our offer you can find various types of holiday homes.  Some are located directly at the swimming pool or in the mountains others have their own swimming pool or a sauna some are more suitable for families with children and others for larger groups.  Cottage cottage and other types of objects that we offer for rent will surely satisfy the requirements of each of our customers.

Beautiful shapes that fit anywhere

Stylish modern or older office furniture of all colors, shapes and different decorations. Our products are made from the best materials and the best experts. Look no further, we provide complete services and also offer furniture for every generation and all types of houses and apartments.
Can't be late

So don't wait and see what we offer here. And believe that there is a lot to see. Office furniture of all possible designs that pleases the eye. Choose according to your plans, our experts will always advise you.

Shop full of surprises

As a caller he has appeared online for online jobseekers.  This way of selling and buying worn out products that can still make the new owner a great service is very widespread recently.
The exposition of the most lucrative items offered for sale is a bazaar.  This is a great method that can be used by both sellers and buyers.  The purchase of second-hand goods over the Internet is certainly worthwhile.  The bazaar allows you to get products of top quality at perfect prices.  If you have unnecessary things to sell you can offer them to people who still benefit from it.  Advertising the offer through this service on the Internet is free.
Fast easy and free
The clever way to quickly easily and for free cede unused items of various categories for sale is a bazaar.

Office furniture

It is astonishing how many Czech offices are dominated by classic desks from the last century and how many employees are crowded at tables under the typewriter.  At the time of the development of computer technology the use of the aforementioned remnants of the past is not only impractical but also harmful due to the unsuitable height of the work surface.  it must be effective.

Modern office furniture is designed to use computer technology some desks have double front panels to hide cabling.  Office furniture is variable mobile drawer and cabinet containers are widely used additional printer shelves and scanners can be purchased.

We offer modern office furniture in 17 rows in different designs.  We provide a seven-year warranty and we will bring you the selected furniture for free as a bonus.

Establishing s.r.o.

What things do a start-up entrepreneur have to arrange to start this form of business?  Importantly a limited liability company or s.r.o.  is one of the most commonly used forms of business currently in the Czech Republic.

If the individual wants to start a business and establish this form of business his first step should be to think about the name of the company the business sector the company headquarters the amount of capital its future goals and so on.  When establishing s.r.o. starting entrepreneur should be clear about what she would like in the future after the establishment of s.r.o.  to achieve the market path he wants to pursue and what kind of company development he would like to achieve.

Business plan

For this situation the so-called business plan is used which the start-up entrepreneur will develop for the establishment of s.r.o. but also for other forms of business.  The business idea is a kind of vision of starting a business.  It includes among other things initial costs and revenues the method of acquiring equity and future plans.  It serves as a very good helper even when the entrepreneur from the bank draws funds for the company's registered capital.  In this case the business plan for the bank may be decisive whether it will provide the entrepreneur with funds or not.

Try it yourself or with friends

We run classic radio as well as online radio and offer specials such as, for example, and much more for our listeners and users alike. Karaoke lyrics are a great opportunity to revive the lyrics of some well-known but also lesser-known songs and hits of your young years.

Looking for lyrics that you have forgotten? Then it's clear. You need to head to us to see our site while listening to the online radio and find karaoke lyrics of your choice. The Karaoke lyrics we offer here are original and exactly match all the original lyrics.
Refresh your memory

Refresh your music memory with ours. These will accompany you at every song and you will humble them with pleasure.

Ready – made s.

The company is based in advance on a company that serves for rapid sale to the owner.  You can be the owner.  It will save you time running around the authorities and you will not be so worried about starting a company.
Ready – made s.

This kind of company came to us from abroad.  It is a quick form of getting a company.  In some countries Ready – made s.r.o is not used especially in those where the establishment takes a few days.  Unfortunately in the Czech Republic it takes several weeks so this system started to be used in our country.

How not to fly

In the last two years there has been a large increase in the number of companies that offer ready – made s.r.o.  It is good in terms of competitiveness but on the other hand you no longer know which company is really honest.  Their history is short so you can't check if the company is solid.  If there are no companies for sale on their site look elsewhere.  If you only find a mobile number and email in your contacts they probably don't have offices and have only one employee.  You should also avoid this.  These are the most basic things you should focus on when buying a ready-made s.r.o.

Wood is comfortable and smells good

Do you need to surprise your wife? Or do you want to shock her? You can do this very easily. Buy from us and when the woman is not home, install them and then you will see the shock your spouse will experience. But it will be a positive shock and will also be accompanied by great joy.

Wooden floors will be appreciated not only by our wife but also by your children and relatives who will visit you. Everyone will walk on our floor beautifully. The wooden flooring from us is truly an unusual but great and original gift for anyone who likes to live comfortably and also likes wood products.
Wood is comfortable and smells good

The wood is not only warm and comfortable, it also smells beautiful and brings the spirit of nature to your home. Choose our wood floors at unbeatable prices and you won't regret it.

Listen to us online

Get a great mood to go home or to a car if you're on the road.  Our unique one will definitely take care of you in this direction and you will not be afraid that you will feel negative.  It takes so little.  Tune in to us classically or on the internet where we are already available.
Our radio is modern complex and above all very good quality.  A proven tradition and years of experience is also one of the things that undoubtedly adorn us.  So if you still don't know how to choose your favorite radio try Impuls radio.  Let yourself be carried away on our great and pleasant waves.

All generations will listen to us

All generations can listen to us.  Radio Impuls is not only for young and middle class but also for seniors.  They will also find theirs here.

Loans and mortgages available to everyone!

You ask who we are? We are a reputable company that establishes loans of all kinds or mortgages. Every entrepreneur, developer or independent person can set up a loan with over 2 million and under 2 million. Instruct our company to provide you with credit and you will surely be satisfied with our approach and work. We guarantee that our approach is individual, so we can meet the demands of all our clients to be fully satisfied.
Quality, reliability and, above all, discretion

Our priority is to keep our customers coming back. Therefore, if you set up a loan or mortgage with us, we will approach you with the utmost care and if you have any questions, you can contact us online and we will assist you with any ambiguities.