Ready – made s.

The company is based in advance on a company that serves for rapid sale to the owner.  You can be the owner.  It will save you time running around the authorities and you will not be so worried about starting a company.
Ready – made s.

This kind of company came to us from abroad.  It is a quick form of getting a company.  In some countries Ready – made s.r.o is not used especially in those where the establishment takes a few days.  Unfortunately in the Czech Republic it takes several weeks so this system started to be used in our country.

How not to fly

In the last two years there has been a large increase in the number of companies that offer ready – made s.r.o.  It is good in terms of competitiveness but on the other hand you no longer know which company is really honest.  Their history is short so you can't check if the company is solid.  If there are no companies for sale on their site look elsewhere.  If you only find a mobile number and email in your contacts they probably don't have offices and have only one employee.  You should also avoid this.  These are the most basic things you should focus on when buying a ready-made s.r.o.

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