Go through a period of climacteria comfortably and easily

Hormonal preparations can be used for the satisfaction of women in transition

Do you know that too?  Do you have unpleasant hot flashes several times a day you cannot sleep at night and you sweat excessively you have dry skin gain weight often mood changes and sometimes you suffer from depression?  It means that you enter a very unpleasant period for every woman called climacterium.
So that menopause is not a disaster for you

There are women who are fortunate enough to have no more problems with the climacterium.  For most women however climacterium is a period that they must suffer.  In this period the body's production of estrogen hormone decreases and the body responds to the aforementioned problems.  There is also a great risk of developing osteoporosis and unwanted incontinence.
Support hormone production

Before contacting your doctor for help try a nutrient preparation high in Peruvian watercress whose active ingredients help our body with natural estrogen production.